The 30-Day Handstand Plan

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Welcome to The 30-Day Handstand Plan!

Before you get started there is something I NEED you to do and I promise you won’t regret it!

I need you to set up your phone and film your handstand attempt. Just a few tries, that’s all. And don’t worry if it’s non-existent!

You will absolutely LOVE looking back on this video as your handstand progresses and will be such an easy way to see how far you’ve come. Go do it NOW, then come back to explore the rest of the Plan!

So let’s continue!

Here is the 30 day Calendar for you to embark upon your handstand program. You will find these videos laid out for you, day-by-day by scrolling towards the bottom of this page.

And for once you’ve finished, here is your 6-month ‘Forever Handstand’ training plan to keep your handstand practice thriving!

For technical help on navigating your way through the videos of this program, please email

For handstand help, feedback and questions, please use the Facebook Community page which you can join via the link:

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