The Yoga Teachers’ Bundle


Have you taken your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) but feel there’s so much you’re still unsure of?

Or perhaps you’re considering taking a YTT and want to give yourself a little head-start or taster of what’s to come on a smaller budget.

The Yoga Teacher’s Bundle contains everything you need to help you build your confidence and skill to get out there and show the world what an awesome teacher you really are!

What’s included:

The guide contains over 150 asanas, discussing useful alignment cues, busting common myths and misconceptions, looking at what the pose is good for anatomically, as well as troubleshooting common issues for you and your students.

Class Sequencing Workbook

A 2.5 hour workshop with accompanying 60 page workbook to help you learn a methodical, intelligent way to plan your yoga classes. Learn my 6 Step Sequencing Method and use the workbook to practice the art of planning – it’s full of ideas to be a resource to rely on for every class you ever teach again!

Part One Workbook

A 2.5 hour video workshop accompanied by a 45 page workbook to help you learn about the human anatomy in an easy way that is directly related to yoga! Learn the unique differences between individual bodies, what muscles create which asana and why some movements come easier to some than others. The workbook includes the workshop content in an easy-to-reference format, mini-quizzes to help solidify your learning and posture directories, to arm you with a wealth of knowledge of postures and what they are good for.

Part Two Workbook

Part Two is all about the upper body anatomy! The shoulders and spine are complicated parts of the body, especially in yoga, but we break them down in easy to understand ways to help you know what is the correct way to instruct many postures with consideration for our anatomy. This is a 3 hour workshop with accompanying 45 page workbook with images, quizzes and ideas to help you retain everything you learn and be able to apply it to your teaching.

This bundle is only available until Monday 1st August 2022. All content is provided with lifetime access.

Don’t miss this chance to get Teacher Training quality education at a fraction of the YTT price tag!

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Is this for you?

When you take a Yoga Teacher Training there is a lot to fit into just 200 hours – it’s almost impossible to cover everything you would want to know. Many topics have to be covered and so courses tend to just tip your toe into many of the key elements of teaching which can leave you feeling a little bit overwhelmed when you step out into the big wide world as a newly qualified teacher.

So that’s where the Yoga Teachers’ Bundle comes in!

Maybe you felt that your YTT didn’t cover anatomy in as much depth as you would have liked, or that it simply went way over your head and you have no idea how to apply it to your teaching of postures or to your students’ individual bodies.

Perhaps you feel like you haven’t really learnt about many postures. Sure you’ve got your Warrior 2 and Triangle pose under your belt, but you’re well aware there are MANY more out there that weren’t covered in your training.

Or you might be feeling a little stuck when it comes to creating your classes, what should you teach? What postures should the class include? Or simply looking for some inspiration to get more creative with class planning to make it a truly enjoyable part of your job!

If any of these sound like you then I’ve got you covered! The Yoga Teachers’ Bundle will help you to become a more knowledgeable, creative and confident teacher.

This is also a great resource for anyone thinking of taking a teacher training course, or for any particularly curious yoga students!

The Yoga Handbook: An Asana Guide for Teachers & Students

If you’re looking to position yourself as a yoga teacher, or perhaps to stretch yourself to the next level in terms of what you can do to most effectively instruct fellow yogis, I’ve got the most beautiful product for you.

Oooh, Liv! What is it?

Well, it’s not a piece of equipment, and it’s not a fabulous pair of leggings (although that sounds a great idea), but instead, it’s a digital downloadable handbook of everything I can teach you to achieve more confidence and competence to become beautifully balanced as a yoga teacher!

My ebook is overflowing with info covering over 150 yoga asana. In the book, you’ll discover how to master each one, how to identify, address and fix the issues and problems that your students may have with them, and how to apply a multitude of different tips, tricks, modifications and variations to best support and challenge the budding yogis under your tuition.

Everything in your download is written in my own informal and unique style, which reflects the relaxed attitude I have to yoga that contrasts with the usual formal guidance you may have read before in other books.

So, looking to try something new?

I’ve found through my own learning and practice – together with a LOT of comments I see on my social media channels – that the yoga world is sadly rife with myths and misinformation. This book is my way of redressing the balance, and equipping you with all the info you need to know to place (and keep) your students on the path to success and fulfilment in their yoga.

The handbook is here not only to give you inspiration and ideas for your classes, but to give you the confidence and competence to plan and structure those sessions effectively. I’m confident that the book will give you everything you need in order to instruct across all levels and applications of yoga to best suit your students’ abilities and learning styles.

At a glance…

Your digital download of the handbook contains reference to over 150 yoga asana, and has beautiful, clear photos to accompany each and every one.

The Skill of Sequencing: Developing your Creativity, Consistency & Confidence

This workshop and workbook gives you all the sequencing education that you wish your 200hr had!

We first take an overview of the different styles of sequencing and the benefits or limitations of each before diving into learning:

My 6 Step Method for sequencing – providing you a simple format to follow to create classes that not only will your students love, but you will enjoy planning!

Both workshop & workbook get you stuck in to learning and practicing how to build effective and enjoyable classes as well as helping your explore how to find YOUR creativity and authentic self.

There is a plethora of transition inspiration and class ideas to take away with you as you uncover your real teaching potential!

Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics: Pelvis & Lower Body

I think I was put on this Earth to help people realise that anatomy can be fun! And as yoga teachers, we don’t need to be biology professors, but knowing our anatomy certainly helps us be the best teacher we can, knowing how to help our students and give the best cues they’ve ever heard in their lives!

This workshop walks you through the anatomy of the lower body, but most importantly, how that anatomy relates to yoga. No good knowing about your glutes if you don’t know how or where to use them on the mat, right?!

The workbook lays out all this information in simple, easy to understand terminology. Fancy words are great and all, but they aren’t going to make you a better teacher at the end of the day.

Throughout the workbook, test what has sunk in with recap quizzes and fill up your inspiration belt with posture directories where I’ve dug deep into my brain to give you as many e.g. ‘Postures which strengthen the hamstrings’ as I could manage!

Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics: Shoulders & Spine

So what SHOULD you tell your students to do with their shoulders in downward dog?

I assure you this 3 hour workshop covers far more than just this question, but it’s an important one for sure!

We take a methodical look at the anatomy of the shoulders and spine, and just as we do in Anatomy Part One, it’s all directly related to yoga asana to help you apply this learning in a way that matters to you as a teacher.

The accompanying workbook is there to give you a resource to return to as your teaching career progresses, as we all need a memory refresher from time to time.

The recap quizzes test what has sunk in and what hasn’t and another fantastic resource for your class planning: posture directories to help you know what postures are good for what, taking inspiration to fit whatever style of class you’re creating!

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