Working On Wheel

28 Day Challenge

Wheel is the King of backbends (in my humble opinion)…

Because it’s the gateway to understanding, enjoying and mastering all other backbends!

It’s a complex mix of strength and flexibility as well as the – often overlooked – delicate dance with our nervous system to bring it all together.

If you find it hard, it’s because it is!

But I’ve created something pretty special to help you break down the barriers that stand between you and your best, most comfortable, most strong and most bendy wheel.

The Working On Wheel 28 Day Challenge holds the key to helping you understand what is stopping you progressing, how to jump over your own personal back-bending hurdles, and lets you in on the secrets of shoulder mobility and pain-free backbends.

Whether you’re trying to get your head off the floor or advance your way towards Forearm Wheel and beyond, you’re in exactly the right place.

Let me help you realise your own potential as we work on your wheel together.

All content has lifetime access

Working on Wheel Challenge


The Workshop

The Workshop will help you know exactly what you need to do to improve your wheel by looking at:

• The anatomy of Wheel: what is going on in the muscles and joints

• The role of the nervous system and secret flexibility hacks we can use to improve shoulder range

• Myth busting the alignment: critically reviewing the common cues and whether they stand up to questioning

• Injury prevention: why do backbends sometimes feel unpleasant and how can we prevent it

• Modifying the posture: how we can modify for ourselves or our students to make it work for us but still be progressive

• Scaling the posture: understand the demands of more advanced variations such as forearm wheel, one leg wheel and straight leg wheel

The Challenge

The 28 day challenge is what brings you the results:

• A 28 day calendar of a methodical, progressive approach to improving all the elements of backbends

• Not simply 28 days of classes which practice wheel, this is a smart training plan with skills and drills to practice

• Within the calendar are 2 levels of ‘Wall Work’ classes combining strength and flexibility techniques, help you progress over time as you advance from level 1 to level 2

• Included are 3 x 60 minute vinyasa classes and 1 x 30 minute to explore wheel and it’s variations 

• Additional specific flexibility classes as optional days to make the calendar work for your schedule



Approximately 2.5 hours in total, broken down into 8 sections.

Absolutely! The workshop will help you identify what your limiting factors are, how to address them and ways to practice wheel whilst you build the necessary attributes.

Another yes! I have designed the workshop to be suitable for all levels. Unless you feel that you have 100% conquered wheel pose and all it’s variations such as forearm wheel, one leg wheel and drop backs and have no interest in learning about it in more depth, then no, probably not 😂

Once purchased the challenge content is yours to keep forever.

Working on Wheel Challenge


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