Arm Balances For Beginners

The Fundamentals to Fly

Understand Your Arm Balances

This workshop is for those beginning their arm balance journey, or those who would like to refine their current abilities to find more confidence and reliability on their hands, learning a little about the anatomy of the body along the way!

Being able to find success in an arm balance isn’t just brute strength and a bit of luck, it’s a combination of technique, skill and applying strength in a specific way.

Having all the right tools in your tool belt is one hurdle to manage, but knowing how to use the tools is just as an important part of getting the job done! This workshop is stocking up your tool belt, and teaching you to use those tools too.

Some of the balances we will be looking at include crow, side crow, the EPK family and exploring ‘baby’ and ‘funky’ variations of various balances.

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This workshop was recorded live in 4K.


What We Cover

This is the workshop to both learn how to get started with your arm balance journey, and revise and refine your current understanding of technique in some  fundamental balancing postures.

Join me as we breakdown the concepts of arm balancing including:

  • The anatomy behind the balance – what are the muscles and structures within the body supposed to be doing and how can we use the knowledge to give us an advantage
  • The concept of control – understanding how we control our bodyweight when on our hands
  • Avoiding injury – how and why giving attention to our wrists is important
  • Technique – the transition of entering an arm balance for optimal success
  • Alignment – what goes where, and why
  • Avoiding Red Flags – identifying common ‘errors’ that aren’t helpful
  • Progressions – how to modify in a way that will help you progress towards the  balance, and how to challenge yourself further when the time comes

Arm Balances for Beginners


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