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  • The Yoga Handbook: A Guide To Yoga Asana

    A yoga teacher in your pocket!

    The Yoga Handbook: A Guide to Yoga Asana is written by myself (Liv Townsend/@livinleggings) and its main purpose is to help you learn yoga asana and how to move through your practice with confidence.

    Yoga asana (postures) are just one part of a big world of yoga, but if we are going to make shapes with our bodies, we might as well do it well!

    I’ve created this ebook to help you understand how to do these funky shapes we call asana, whilst providing you with a ‘pinch of salt’ approach.

    It removes the dogmatic attitude of right vs. wrong and provides you with an ‘it depends’ viewpoint.

    Whether you’re new to yoga, a seasoned pro, or a yoga teacher yourself, there is a great deal of help and insight you can take from this eBook and I hope it gives you the courage to ask yourself ‘but what if that doesn’t work for me?’ more often on your mat and empower you to take control of your own practice.

    All purchases all include access to the Private Livinleggings Community group on Facebook with monthly Live Q&A’s, weekly practice inspiration and support and encouragement from the yoga community!

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