The Liv Letter

Each week my Liv Letter goes out to share with you:

• Class sequencing or personal practice inspiration with ‘Transitions to Try’

• The Yoga Nuggets – small, bitesized information busting yoga myths, cluing you up on yoga anatomy or strength + flexibility facts

• Exclusive updates and discounts for classes, workshops + challenges

• Weekly ‘Thought Snacks’ to give you food for thought to exercise your brain and not just your body

• And much more!


Subscribing also gets you FREE access to The Yoga Handbook: Mini Edition – my yoga asana ebook to guide you through alignment options, the anatomy behind the pose in terms of what needs to be flexible and what needs to be strong, plus a trouble shooting section to overcome common issues that you or your students may experience. 


Jump on board via the button below for immediate access to the ebook and catch you in the next weekly Liv Letter!

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