Strength Training & Yoga: Yogis Who Lift

Transform your perceptions of strength training and elevate your practice.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this workshop:

• What strength training to focus on to dramatically IMPROVE your yoga practice

• What lifting exercises are ESSENTIAL for yogis to practice

• Understand how to choose strength training exercises which TRANSFORM – not tarnish – your flexibility

• How to EFFICIENTLY combine strength training with your yoga practice schedule

• Understand strength training foundational concepts to have total confidence when lifting

Here’s what’s included:

• 2.5 hour workshop – recorded for lifetime access

• Training Guide – Full body training plan with 3 ‘strength training + yoga’ workouts

• 3 x mobility warm ups

All content has lifetime access

'Yogis Who Lift' Workshop


You CAN have the best of both worlds.

How can we balance strength training with yoga? 

Do you find that one counteracts the other? You’re sacrificing your flexibility because you’ve also chosen to be strong?

And how should you combine the two when you’ve not got endless free time on your hands… Should you do yoga before weights? Weights before yoga? Should you even actually be doing them on the same day at all?!

This workshop is where science, strength and stretching combine, taking you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how you can use strength training to improve your yoga practice, to supplement your yoga practice and most importantly, I’ll provide you with a digital resource to guide you through an optimal strategy for combining these two disciplines into one.


Other topics we cover:


• What exercises will BENEFIT your yoga goals

• What exercises will ‘fill the gap’ of what yoga isn’t giving you

• How to challenge your strength with minimal equipment

• How to know what weights to choose

• How to decide how many reps or sets to complete

• And much more!


The session will be mostly theory based, but we will also work through some practical exercises, so some dumbbells or something you can use as dumbbells (e.g. a couple of water bottles) would be great to have to hand.




The workshop is be approximately 2.5 hours

Yes! The workshop is a mostly educational experience as opposed to practical but we will be exploring the technique of certain movements so perhaps have a couple of water bottles or cans of food to hand so you can feel the movements out for yourself.

No you do not need heavy weights for this workshop. Our main focus is going to be learning the different ways strength training can help and benefit our yoga practice and how to combine the two disciplines. This is not a workout where we try to move as heavy weights as we possibly can!

We will cover a number of ways we can make an exercise harder – if necessary – without increasing the weights for you to be able to implement during your future strength training sessions.

Absolutely! This workshop is designed to be beneficial for those who have never tried strength training with weights, those new to it and would like to build their confidence and even those who have experience with lifting but want to learn how to incorporate yoga alongside their current training.

Unfortunately not. There will be minimal yoga content in this workshop, only the referencing of various postures and how we can relate them to strength training.

You will benefit most from the workshop if you have some weights to experiment with. A pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell of any weight will be sufficient – remember this workshop is not a weights workout, it’s a resource to educate you and provide you a training guide to carry forward for future workouts.

You do not need an exercise bench.

You do not need a barbell.

No. This is not like a class where I get you to work hard for a couple of hours and then send you on your way. This is an educational workshop to learn about strength training concepts and techniques and relating them to a yoga practice. There will be sections of learning, sections of experimenting with lifts and sections of discussing the training guide.

You have lifetime access to watch the workshop as many times as you wish. The training guide is a downloadable PDF which is yours to keep.

'Yogis Who Lift' Workshop


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