Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics

Part 2 - Shoulders & Spine

Having an understanding of the human body, how it works, moves and grows is an integral part in learning how to use it efficiently – how to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and perception!

Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics will give you the knowledge to understand what is going on the inside, to help you make better choices with what you choose to do on the outside – helping you reach your goals or share your knowledge more confidently with others.

This workshop and workbook bundle are here to help you get to know the in’s and out’s of the human body, but most importantly, to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging so that this stuff will stick! In one ear and out the other is no use to anyone!

There’s a big difference between knowledge and applied knowledge – knowledge is knowing where the hamstring is and what movement it can action. Applied knowledge is knowing how we can utilise that within yoga – in the postures we choose, in the alignment we take and the cues or thoughts we can consider whilst practicing or teaching.

No prior knowledge of anatomy is required to benefit from this workshop – the content is aimed at those wishing to learn more about the human body, how it moves, stretches and strengthens, and how to apply this knowledge to your movements or teaching.

Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics is ideal for those who:

  • Enjoy learning about the human body and all it’s fascinating capabilities!
  • May be interested in becoming a yoga teacher.
  • Are current yoga teachers who wish to level up their confidence with anatomy.
Keep reading below to find out more about what we cover.

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Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics: Shoulders & Spine


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The Workshop

This 2.5 hour workshop takes a deep dive into the anatomy of the upper body, focusing on the spine and shoulder girdle. It will give you an easy-to-understand knowledge of the upper body’s anatomical make-up, biomechanical abilities, and the requirements and demands placed on muscles and joints in various yoga postures.

If you’ve ever been unsure what to do with the shoulders in postures like Wheel, Downdog and Chaturanga, or why some bodies seem to backbend easier than others, then you’re in the right place! 

We will cover:

  • The bony anatomy of the shoulders and spine
  • The major muscles that support these structures and the movements they’re responsible for
  • How strength and flexibility (or lack of!) in these structures affect our range of motion
  • What the shoulders should actually be doing in yoga!
  • How we can use this knowledge of anatomy to stretch, strengthen and move better
  • How anatomical variances affect our ability to achieve certain ‘shapes’
  • The requirements of the muscles in forming yoga asana and how we can use this knowledge to sequence, practice and progress effectively 

Although this is a theory based workshop, have your yoga mat out to experiment, experience and feel in your body all of the things we talk about!

This workshop was recorded live.

The Workbook

The workbook is designed to initially be used in tandem with the workshop, but will then serve as an easy-to-reference guide for you to come back to whenever you need to refresh your understanding. The hyperlinked contents make it easy to navigate to individual sections.

This workbook is also the place where you’ll put your learning to the test and make sure you’re fully understanding the concepts. The workbook contains:

  • Recap quizzes after each main anatomy section, to test you on what you’ve learned
  • Pose anatomy quizzes to help you really understand your new knowledge in a practical way
  • Images and labelled diagrams from the workshop for you to study and understand at your own pace
  • A glossary to help you get to grips with some of the more technical anatomical terms.


Yoga Anatomy & Biomechanics: Shoulders & Spine


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