Signature Improvers Flow

Every Tuesday at 6pm

This signature style class from Liv is every Tuesday at 6pm UK time.

(The zoom link is emailed out to you automatically upon booking – please check junk/promotions folder)



The class is designed for ‘improvers’ which in my book, means someone who isn’t brand new to yoga and wants to improve their technique, strength, flexibility and learn some new moves!

The class is designed to challenge you physically but in an enjoyable, light hearted way where being able to nail absolutely everything isn’t expected of you – but you might just surprise yourself! We flow through a creative sequence to challenge the body with coordination, balance and control. Moving mindfully and purposefully from one posture to the next.

Unlike traditional vinyasa yoga classes, you won’t find traditional Sun A/Sun B’s but expect to challenge your strength in a wider variety of ways.

Classes often have a peak posture, approached from a beginners viewpoint, to help you understand how to approach more advanced postures with plenty of time, guidance and modifications.

Recommended for those that are familiar with foundational yoga postures and enjoy a light hearted, playful practice!

Each month has a new theme to give you time and consistency to understand and practice the concepts we learn but there is a brand new class each week. Join Liv live for guidance or practice on demand in your own time.

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