The Skill of Sequencing:

Developing Your Creativity,
Consistency & Confidence

There is more to practicing yoga than choosing which postures to practice in what order, but if that is what we are going to do for 60 minutes or so, we might as well do it as effectively, safely and enjoyably as we can!

The Skill of Sequencing is for yoga teachers or curious students to help you develop your creativity, provide consistently valuable classes for your students and build confidence in your abilities as a flow teacher.

We will be looking in depth at methods for sequencing classes and discussing ways to not only create your sequences, but also how to cue them effectively as you teach and tips for remembering what you’ve sequenced!

We will play with ideas to help you find YOUR creativity and expression as opposed to giving you something to copy/paste into your classes so that you have the foundations for enjoying and thriving with your sequencing far into the future.

This workshop is 2.5 hours long and was recorded live.

All content has lifetime access

The Skill of Sequencing Workshop + Workbook


The Workshop

The workshop has two distinct sections:

1. Learning the foundations to sequencing

  • Understanding your goals and purpose as a teacher
  • The different styles of class sequencing
  • The benefits or drawbacks of certain styles
  • How best to physically plan a class
  • Learning ‘The 6 Step Plan’: 
This is a simple and straightforward strategy that you can follow to help you plan your classes and sequence with confidence to keep your students returning to your classes.
2. Sequencing practice

  • Understanding the difference between sequencing and choreography
  • Tasks to help you understand the foundations of sequencing
  • Understand how to vary your cues depending on your goals 

From coming up with ideas, to how to order and cue the postures you’ve chosen, the aim for this workshop is to give you a framework to follow so that your sequencing tap never runs dry!

The workshop will give you skills that will empower your teaching, and build your confidence to share your yoga with others.

The Workbook

The workbook is designed to initially be used in tandem with the workshop, but will then serve as an easy-to-reference guide for you to come back to whenever you need a little sequencing refresher or a creativity boost.

The workbook is also the place where you’ll put your learning into practice! The workbook will:

  • Test you on what you’ve learnt with recap quizzes
  • Encourage you to get clear on your goals as a teacher and, importantly, to write them down
  • Practice using ‘The 6 Step Plan’ with multiple examples to carry forward into real life classes
  • Give you bonus content that isn’t in the workshop! 
  • Encourage you to get on your mat and test out your ideas

The Skill of Sequencing Workshop + Workbook



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