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A 28 day program to get you confidently balancing upside down!

A 28 day program to get you confidently balancing upside down!

Here’s what you’ll get from taking this program!

A program to follow each day to give you the motivation to stay consistent

A deep understanding of what is needed to nail this pose

A way to identify your personal hurdles so you can tackle them and progress

The confidence to know that you are capable of success and the simple instruction on how to get there!

All content has lifetime access



What's Included:

The content included in this program will get you working on the relevant strength, mobility and flexibility that is the gateway to not just Pincha, but ALL inversions!

Within the program, you have lifetime access to:

3 x ‘Foundational’ classes: Strong, Flexy + Skills to build your solid Pincha foundations

5 x ‘Flow’ classes to explore practicing Pincha from various perspectives to help you find the one that works best for you.

10 x ‘Additional’ classes to progress your shoulder mobility, core strength, hamstring flexibility, thoracic mobility and upper body strength.

The A-Z of Pincha Workshop: A deep dive into understanding how to approach your journey to Pincha! From overcoming fear, alignment of our hands, where to send the gaze, ways to approach kicking up, how to learn to balance, troubleshooting common issues and much, much more.

• Access to the Private Livinleggings Facebook Community to ask Liv questions, connect with others on the program and help you stay consistent with your practice!

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A Glimpse Inside

There are 8 elements behind a successful Pincha.

I like to think of learning to balance upside down as a bit of problem solving equation (I’m a self proclaimed maths nerd at heart!). You take these 8 elements, you add them all together and then ta-daaaa, you’re balancing on those forearms in the middle of the mat.

This program will teach you these 8 elements, help you identify which ones are the biggest hurdle for you, guide you through a method to improve them, so you can focus your attention in the right places to make actual progress.

Learning to balance on your forearms isn’t a case of kicking up a trillion times and hoping that your luck improves with each kick.

We can be much smarter with our approach so the journey is not only more efficient, but more enjoyable and less frustrating – and I can help you realise that you CAN do this. 

From overcoming fear to learning kicking-up techniques, I’ve got you covered here!

I’m here at the helm of this challenge to show you what’s possible if you’re ready to put in the work, so throw away that self-doubt and lets get a new skill added to your belt!


Yes! This program will help you identify what your limiting factors are that prevent you from kicking up and help you build the necessary elements to do so!

There’s no time like the present to start tackling your weaknesses and build that upper body strength!

This program is the perfect place to do so and as long as you can hold a forearm plank for around 20 seconds (even if it’s not easy!) then you might be more capable than you think!

Be prepared to be challenged, because without challenge we cannot grow, but in all the classes you are encouraged to pause when you need and various options are given.

Not at all! A headstand actually requires quite a different approach to Pincha and is also a pose some people find more challenging than Pincha.

You do not need any inversion experience to benefit from this program, it may even help you achieve a headstand too!

The program includes classes which range from 10-80 minutes. The majority are 20-30 minutes in length, with a few shorter, and a few longer.

The workshop is broken down into 10 parts for you to digest at your own pace. The 10 parts together are a little over 2 hours in length.

The workshop is broken down into 10 parts for you to digest at your own pace.

The 10 parts together are a little over 2 hours in length.

The calendar is 28 days long and there is a class suggested for each of those 28 days.

But our lifestyles and available free time vary, plus the body needs rest to recover and adapt and therefore there are classes marked in the calendar that are ‘additional’ for you to choose to either practice or rest that day.

All classes have lifetime access for you to access them whenever you wish.

Ultimately, you can take this program at whatever pace suits you, but a relative amount of consistency is what brings people the results they’re after!

Once purchased the challenge content is yours to keep forever.

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