Progress to Pincha

28 Day Challenge

There are 8 elements behind a successful Pincha.

I like to think of learning to balance upside down as a bit of problem solving equation (I’m a self proclaimed maths nerd at heart!). You take these 8 elements, you add them all together and then ta-daaaa, you’re balancing on those forearms in the middle of the mat.

The Progress to Pincha Challenge will teach you these 8 elements, help you identify which ones are the biggest hurdle for you, guide you through a method to improve them, so you can focus your attention in the right places to make actual progress.

Learning to balance on your forearms isn’t a case of kicking up a trillion times and hoping that your luck improves with each kick.

We can be much smarter with our approach so the journey is not only more efficient, but more enjoyable and less frustrating – and we can help you realise that you CAN do this. 

From overcoming fear to learning kicking-up techniques, I’ve got you covered here!

I’m here at the helm of this challenge to show you what’s possible if you’re ready to put in the work, so throw away that self-doubt and lets get a new skill added to your belt!

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Progress to Pincha Challenge


The Workshop

The workshop element of this programme is kind of like an A-Z of Pincha, and it covers every aspect – the what, the why, and the how to make it happen.

Together we look at:

• The foundations of the pose. What should we be doing with the shoulders, the gaze, the pelvis, the legs. And the anatomy behind WHY.

• Positional variations of the hands and which might be best suited for your body.

• Overcoming fear and variations options for learning to fall safely and confidently.

• What strength do we need specifically and what flexibility will help our progress, or how can we adapt our practice with flexibility restrictions

• Reasons why people try and fail to balance so you don’t fall into the same boat!

• Troubleshooting – how to overcome common difficulties.

You’re going to need a wall space for the workshop, and if you’ve got a block and a strap then they will also come in useful for you, too! 

The Challenge

This month long challenge gives you a methodical, progressive approach to improving all the elements we need for Pincha that we learn through the workshop.

Classes you’ll find in the challenge include:

• SKILLS – to practice the art of balancing and controlling our body weight in space, using the wall for assistance.

• STRENGTH – building the specific strength in the shoulders, core and legs to give our pincha stability and confidence.

• FLEXY – to open up the areas of the body that hold us back, improving our chances of success

• A selection of vinyasa classes from 10-60 minutes with specific themes which contribute towards progressing your pincha.


You’ll also get access to the Livinleggings Community Private Facebook group to ask questions, share your progress and see others taking the challenge too!



Approximately 2 hours in length.

Yes! The workshop will help you identify what your limiting factors are, and the classes will help you build the strength you need to find your kick up.

Once purchased the challenge content is yours to keep forever.

Progress to Pincha Challenge


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