Month of Middle Splits

28 Day Challenge

If being able to do the Middle Splits is on your wish list, or even simply find some progress with your flexibility in this area, you’ve found yourself in the right place!

I’ll start with being a little controversial, but it’s the truth – a traditional yoga practice is unlikely to get you a Middle Split 🙊

So this 28 day program combines effective flexibility techniques and methods alongside my love for vinyasa yoga, giving you 28 days of mindful movement to get you this ultimate range of hip mobility!

Participants results have been mind-blowing, you can see them below!

Their progress is the result of learning about hip anatomy and how to correctly align the joints for the splits,

gaining an understanding of the huge role the nervous system plays and how to work with it not against it,

and committing to following a 28 day calendar to put those tools into action and start progressing your way down towards the mat!

All content is available on demand immediately for lifetime access.

You in?!

All content has lifetime access

Month of Middle Splits Challenge


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Why Middle Splits?

But why else?

Joining a challenge at the same time as others is a great way to feel part of something bigger than yourself, making connections with others if you want to and finding motivation, inspiration and accountability from your peers!

The Workshop

But you know what we can’t do within a 2.5 hour workshop? We can’t be consistent… we can’t do one of the most important parts to flexibility training which is give it time and dedication…

So in comes the #MonthOfMiddleSplits 28 day challenge…

The Challenge

What does it include?

Even though this is just a month-long challenge, this is a guide you can use way beyond the 4 weeks, allowing your practice to continue to progress.



Approximately 2.5 hours. It is theory based, but it also contains a 70 min flow section to put the theory into practice!

Absolutely! You don’t need to be flexible to take part in this challenge. It’s not about achieving the Middle Splits in 28 days – it’s about working on you range and seeing what progress you can make.

Another yes! The Challenge Guide will teach on how to scale the training to make sure it is challenging enough for you, and help you find progress no matter where you’re starting at. If you’ve nearly got your splits, let’s see if we can use the 28 days to get them to the floor!

Classes range from 10-70 mins, but the average is 30 mins a day. There are also between 1 – 3 rest days per week, so you choose what works best for you!

Once purchased the content is yours to keep forever, so you can take the challenge at your own pace if you prefer, and retake it at any time.

Month of Middle Splits Challenge


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