Flexibility for Front Splits

28 Day Challenge

How impressive is it when you see someone effortlessly transition into their Front Splits? Does it make you screw your face up a little when you think back to your previous attempts; remembering the discomfort and frustration at how seemingly impossible it felt?

And how keen are you to bridge that final gap in your yoga practice or flexibility training by mastering that elusive Front Splits manoeuvre?

If you’ve ever tried to get your splits at any point in your journey before, you’ll know that it’s all too easy to plateau with your progress and hit a wall.

It’s so common, it really is! And I know why that happens, and how to fix it.

When you see others who’ve seemingly nailed it, it looks like one hell of a party trick, and you know you want a piece of that celebration for yourself!

With my support and my new Flexibility for Front Splits programme, I’m going to get you over that hurdle and smoothly down into your nemesis pose.

Oh and I know you’re probably reading this and at least still partially thinking or believing that it can’t be done but the reason I am so excited to be offering this programme is because I’ve had so much fun proving people wrong and seeing AMAZING results with my previous programmes (you can see some photos below!).

I use and teach methods and techniques that aren’t typical to a yoga practice as you know it… and the devil (the secret to all the success) lies in that exact detail.

I know, I know… I shouldn’t be getting such a thrill out of proving to people that they’re wrong, but when the end result is success for both of us, I think that needs a little celebrating, don’t you?


You can book yourself in right now – there is over 8 hours of content for you to get stuck in with, or take a little scroll down for me to woo you a little more 😉

All content has lifetime access

Flexibility for Front Splits Challenge


The Workshop

This workshop element of the programme is going to give you exactly what you need as a yoga student or teacher to improve your Front Splits. Let’s help you put that best foot forward… literally!

Together we’re going to look at:

• The anatomy of Front Splits – we’re going to use some of the key principles of flexibility training to support you on this journey to splits.

• The role of the nervous system – Front Splits isn’t just about the muscles, so we’re going to be looking at some of the best kept secrets in the world of flexibility to help us out here.

• Myth busting the alignment – A great way to practise any mindful movement or yoga asana is to critically review everything we’re shown or taught. This is no different in my workshops!

• Injury prevention – The only easy thing about Front Splits is the possibility of getting injured if we don’t work in harmony with our bodies. A solid foundation is everything – both theoretically as well as physically!

• Modifying the posture. As well as teaching yoga students, I also teach teachers, and this means that I always dedicate time in my workshops to show you not only how you can modify a move for your own body, but also how you can modify it for others, too. Accessibility and flexibility for everyone, remember!

And after the workshop is over? We’re onwards to the challenge…

The Challenge

This 28-day challenge is what’s going to bring you the results you’ve been looking for – and the results you deserve – given all your hard work in the workshop.

The Challenge includes:

• 4 x Full length yoga classes focussing on Front Splits and its variations

• 2 x Specific Splits strength classes INCLUDING a brand new ‘Weight Lifting for Front Splits’ session

• Stretching sessions that are perfect for our minds as well as our movements.

• A drills class (that sounds harsh but it’s really not) that will really help you hone-in on the most efficient, effective and enjoyable techniques and methods for Front Splits flexibility.

Unlike any other challenge out there, I’m going to kit you out for this challenge with a 28-day Livinleggings calendar to follow along, so that you can stay motivated and accountable throughout your journey. I’m also going to be welcoming you into the private Livinleggings online community (on Facebook), where you can share your progress (you KNOW you want to share those photos), ask for tailored support, and be part of a wonderful community that proves what I’ve always said – yoga is for everybody.

I’m here at the helm of this programme to show you what’s possible if you’re ready to put the work in and throw away that self-doubt in order to build your confidence as well as your repertoire.

Don’t get bent out of shape worrying or overthinking about this any longer – if you want results my Flexibility for Front Splits programme can certainly deliver them!



Approximately 2.5 hours. It is theory based, but it also contains a 90 min flow section to put the theory into practice!

Absolutely! You don’t need to be flexible to take part in this challenge. It’s not about achieving your Front  Splits in 28 days – it’s about working on you range and seeing what progress you can make.

Another yes! Within the Challenge there are drills classes and strength building classes (with the option to add weights) so you can make sure the training  is challenging enough for you, and help you find progress no matter where you’re starting at. If you’ve nearly got your splits, let’s see if we can use the 28 days to get you there!

Classes range from 10-70 mins, but the average is 30 mins a day. There are also between 1 – 3 rest days per week, so you choose what works best for you!

Once purchased the content is yours to keep forever, so you can take the challenge at your own pace if you prefer, and retake it at any time.

Flexibility for Front Splits Challenge


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