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Have you ever had some uncertainties about Chaturanga? Here were some of mine when I
was learning…

Am I meant to shift forwards? Or not…

What are my shoulder blades meant to be doing?

What happens if I go further than half way down?

Is letting my elbows flare out dangerous?

How can I modify it whilst I build more strength?

What strength is it I actually need?

Am I going to injure my shoulders?

What are my options when a yoga teacher says to ‘take a vinyasa’?

How do people roll over their toes into Updog?

And if any of these resonate with you, well thankfully you’re in the right place as this workshop is going to answer them all! Huraah!

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Chaturanga Workshop


What We Cover

In this workshop, we will look at the anatomy of the shoulder to understand what is happening within this complex joint as we move into the ‘yogi push up’ posture. We’ll use this new anatomy understanding to break down WHY Chaturanga is vilified as being ‘dangerous’ (FYI – it’s not), identify its vulnerabilities and, importantly, how to practice it safely.

Chaturanga is a posture in itself – not a transition – but it is almost always taught in quick succession with other postures (for example: Plank to Chaturanga to Updog), so we will also look at this movement, getting a proper understanding of the alignment as well as different options and modifications we can utilise for those who don’t get have the strength, for those whose arms are tired towards the end of practice, or for those that just love a bit of variety!

This workshop is for both students who wish to gain a better understanding this fundamental yoga posture and movement, as well as teachers who would like to be able to understand the nuances behind why we instruct certain alignment and the options we can provide to our students in a vinyasa class.

Take a look at what my workshops look like:

Chaturanga Workshop


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